Goshen Baptist Association
Monday, January 24, 2022


GriefShare is sponsored by Goshen Baptist Association for partnering churches and the larger community.


Ø  Is a grief recovery support group where you can find help and healing for the hurt of losing a loved one; All ARE WELCOME.

  • Ø   The group meets you where you are in your pain.  You will be a part of a friendly and caring group of people who will walk alongside you though one of life’s most difficult experiences. 
  • Ø  The group meets once a week for 13 sessions.  There is a video for each session providing professional information from counselors, pastors, authors, and people who have completed GriefShare. 
  • Ø  There is a workbook that costs $15.00 which is the only charge to you, and scholarships are offered, if needed.
  • Ø   Using the DVD videos and workbook materials, the group is built around a nondenominational program that explores grief, coping options that may benefit you, what God has to say about your situation from the Holy Bible, and hope you may gain to move from mourning to joy. 
  • Ø  You are not required to talk in this group if you do not feel comfortable. 

Below is a message that was received from Helena Nyman, a GriefShare participant.  The note was written approximately a year after completing GriefShare; Her father at this point had been deceased for approximately 2 years and her sister for a few months.  Helena’s revelation did not come instantly, but with work on her part, support from others and God’s presence in her life; Helena writes to GriefShare:

June 6, 2020
Thank you for your continuous support, love, and prayers!
Yesterday, I felt for the first time since my little baby sister went to be with the Lord and our parents, that I could “shine” again...
My Dad (and my Mom!) and my baby sister were bright lights for the Lord, and the best way to honor their memories is to be God’s light for others!


We will walk alongside you in your grief journey as you discover you have a voice, you are not alone, relate to others and yourself in a healthy way, find a safe space/place to voice your thoughts and feelings.


GriefShare can be offered online or in person.  Call the Goshen Baptist Association at

(540) 894-8440 or email: GoshenAssociationCounselor@hughes.net to leave your name, phone number, and email information. 


Grace and peace,

Samantha J. Reynolds, Group Facilitator